Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking for a Care Star? We make it easy!

Where To Find Care Care Stars
Looking for the health care providers who have been recognized for exceeding the expectations of patients and/or their families? The name we gave them: Care Star.
A Care Star is an exceptional healthcare worker who exceeded the expectations of the people they served.
With over 1,000 Care Stars to read about, it can bring a tear to your eye just knowing that so many good people are out there providing exceptional care.
Check out this easy to use search for Care Stars. You can search by state or provider type too!
Take me to the Stars now!
And if you have met a Care Star during your health care experiences, be sure to complete a survey and tell us all about them. We love sharing the good news!
I want to tell you about my Care Star encounter. Take me to the survey.

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