Monday, May 21, 2012

Looking for a Nursing Home: Quality Measures help you find quality nursing home care

Think you have a lot of time to choose a nursing home for your parent? Think again. Typically an admission to a skilled nursing home occurs after a stay of at least three days in the hospital had an stroke, injurious event, surgery, or even an illness. You are usually given a short amount of time to select where your loved one will go and admissions tours will only give you the very positive about their facility.

That's why provides valuable quality information on most skilled nursing homes. It allows you to review area nursing homes based on their adherence to Medicare Quality Measures such as bed sore and uti rates, very important to know especially in the elderly population.

The measures are:
  • Patients who have pressure sores
  • Patients who are more depressed or anxious
  • Patients with an urinary tract infection
  • Patients who had a catheter inserted and left in their bladder
  • Low risk patients who lose control of their bowels or bladder
  • Patients who lost too much weight--more than 5% of body weight in a month
  • Patients who spend most of their time in a bed or chair
  • Patients who were physically restrained
  • Patients whose ability to move around the room got worse
  • Patients whose need help with daily activities has increased--daily activities include feeding oneself, moving from one chair to another, changing positions while in bed and going to the bathroom alone
  • Patients who had moderate to severe pain
  • Patient with Delirium
  • Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccination rates
Get to know your area nursing homes. Start your search here now. Click here and enter your zip. Select a specific nursing home by clicking on their name and review their quality tab.

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  1. Looking to compare nursing homes in Brooklyn, New York- check out this one sheet compare (see link for Brooklyn Nursing Home Quality Scores) before selecting a place for your family member to get skilled nursing care