Saturday, September 22, 2012

Going to a hospital in DC? Don't forget your cleaning supplies

U.S. Supreme Court
Washington D.C.
According to the latest HCAHPS information publicly available, Washington DC has scored the worst when it comes to the cleanliness of patient rooms and bathrooms according to their patients.  That's right, in a city where our president lives, the highest court in the land rules, and legislatures discuss, 16% of patients said that their hospital room and bathroom were sometimes or never clean during their hospital stay. This is, on average, 7% above the national average of 9% across the country.

Here are the results by hospital, remember the national average is 9%.

United Medical Center - 27% were sometimes or never clean
Howard University Hospital- 19% were sometimes or never clean
George Washington University Hospital - 17% were sometimes or never clean
Washington Hospital Center - 16% were sometimes or never clean
Geogetown University Hospital - 13% were sometimes or never clean
Providence Hospital - 13% were sometimes or never clean
Sibley Memorial - 9% were sometimes or never clean

How can this happen in the capital of the greatest country in the world?  Is this acceptable in DC? Is this acceptable anywhere?


  1. Lucky for us the health clinic in urgent care north phoenix the overall ambiance of it is pleasant. I do believe that the overall look of the hospital and environment of the hospital is a factor for a patient's fast recovery. If the hospital will smell like a dump and will loo like storage will not really help out the patients from regaining their normal stance.

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  2. I’m shocked in the results about the cleanliness in the hospitals. As I observed in walk in clinic phoenix their rooms and facilities we’re being cleaned as always and after the room and bathroom are being use to prevent the disease from spreading to other people.

  3. Looks like Washington still needs some fixing and cleaning up to do. Actually, HCAHPS got a point there cause the environment of the hospital or the health clinics need to be clean so that it'll be a lot easier for the patients to get well and sound. I think our north phoenix medical clinic is clean and a very inviting mood to its patients.

  4. Hospitals, regardless of where it is located whether in the place where the US President lives or not, should always make it a point to maintain the cleanliness of their facility. How can you call it a "hospital" if it is not clean and free from germs and bacteria?