Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How dirty are patient rooms at your hospital? Wayne County Michigan

Wayne County, Michigan
Wayne County, Michigan has an estimated population of  1,802,096, so it's no surprise there are more than 14 hospitals operating in that area. What you may find surprising is that 8 of the 14 hospitals exceeded the national rate on a question related to cleanliness  (or lack thereof ) of their room/bathroom during a hospital stay.

The question, posed on the HCAHPS survey, sent to a random selection of patients is:

During this hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean? Patients choices are:  Never, Sometimes, Usually, Always. The choices of sometimes/never are summed into one statistic.

The national averages are 72% said their room was always clean, 19% said usually, and 9% said that their room/bathroom was sometimes or never clean.

Here is a comparison between hospitals in Wayne County of patients who answered that their room was sometimes or never clean. Some were almost twice as high as the national average:

Unfortunately, HCAHPS has chosen to group the answers instead of sharing the information as collected.

What has been your experience with cleanliness in the hospital you last visited?

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