Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ouch! Hospitals near Disneyland not recommended by patients

Near "The Happiest Place on Earth" are hospitals who don't have such happy people when it comes to patient satisfaction. The national average across all hospitals for patients definitely recommending their hospital to family and friends is 71%. The average for the state of California is 69%, which is 2% below national average.
Patient Satisifaction for Anaheim California
Unfortunately, four out of five Anaheim area hospitals have lower recommendations, two have more than 10% below national average.

Here are the results:
Anaheim General Hospital  55% definitely recommend, 16% under national average
West Anaheim Medical Center 60% definitely recommend, 11% under national average
Anaheim Memorial Hospital  63% definitely recommend, 8% under national average
Western Medical Center Hospital Anaheim 64% definitely recommend,7% under national average

There is one hospital in the area that has a better than national average on their HCAHPS score for patient satisfaction.  It is the Kaiser Foundation Hospital Anaheim  where 79% of patients definitely recommending to family and friends. That's 8% higher than national average, and 10% higher than the California average.

I wonder what the employee satisfaction scores are in these hospitals, as employee satisfaction is a leading indicator of patient satisfaction.

Where would you go for care?

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