Thursday, August 22, 2013

ER Wait Times posted on hospital profiles

Information about Emergency Department wait times are now posted on for 5 different areas courtesy of CMS.

They are:

Time (minutes) in the emergency department before being seen by a healthcare professional
National average: 29 minutes

Time (minutes) in ER with a broken bone before receiving pain medication
National Average: 60 minutes

Time (minutes) in ER before being admitted to the hospital as an inpatient (Time arrived versus admission order completed)
National average: 274 minutes

Time (minutes) in ER after the doctor decided to admit (Time admitted verus nurse unit arrival)
National Average: 96 minutes

Time (minutes) in ER before being discharged home (Arrival time versus discharge time)
National average: 139 minutes

To see your area hospital's ED time scores:
  1. Go to:, put in your zip code and select hospitals under the provider type
  2. Select a specific hospital by clicking on it's name (in green)
  3. Click on the Quality Scores tab and navigate to the ER times

Please note actual times may vary from these averages. Hospitals may improve or take longer dependent on staffing, area weather conditions, ambulance traffic, trauma, walk-ins, epidemics,etc
 Let us know your wait times. Insert them in the comments area on any survey. Click here to add yours.

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