Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Health Tip: People of All Ages Need Vaccines

National Immunization Awareness Month Did you know vaccines are for all of us-from babies to seniors? We all need immunizations (also called vaccines or shots) to help protect us from serious diseases like whooping cough, measles, diphtheria, and rubella.

Many adults think vaccinations end in childhood. Not so! With time, immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off and you may be at risk for new and different diseases. Staying current with immunizations not only helps to protect you, but also your loved ones.

It’s important to know which shots you need and when to get them. Talk to your doctor to make sure that everyone in the family gets the shots they need.

The CDC website has some useful tools to determine what shots you need: immunization schedules for all ages and a short quiz to find out what vaccines you need (for ages 11 years & older).

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