Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's A Care Star?

We've talked to many patients and their families over the years about their healthcare experiences. And sometimes we hear these absolutely amazing stories of healthcare professionals going out of their way to help. Nurses bringing in teddy bears for pediatric patients. Medical staff comforting loved ones after a patient has passed. A nurse's aide at a nursing home holding a fish fry for the residents. A doctor praying with a terminally ill patient. A nurse singing Christmas carols to her patients.

We call these healthcare professionals Care Stars. Care Stars not only provide exceptional care to their patients, they often go above and beyond for them.

A lot of times, people learn about Care Stars by word of mouth. Positive stories (when compared to negative stories) don't often get the attention they deserved. We want to change that. Our Care Stars program on aims to shine a spotlight on these individuals. And we hope hearing about these individuals inspires others.

Do you know a Care Star? Please share your story!!! Tell us about them when you rate the healthcare provider

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