Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How do I create a #sickroom in my house?

Keeping people with the flu away from others in your family is key in containing the flu from a family outbreak. The CDC recommends creating a sick room in your house. Try to give the sick person their own room. If there is more than one sick person, they can share the sick room if needed.
If there is not enough bedrooms to quarentine the flu victim, try creating one by using sheets or blankets to segment the room you have decided to use.

What things should I have in the sick room?
  • Tissues
  • Trash can with lid and lined with a plastic trash bags
  • Alcohol-based hand rub
  • Cooler or pitcher with ice and drinks
  • Cup with straw or squeeze bottle to help with drinking
  • Thermometer
  • Humidifier
  • Facemasks (for everyone- sick and well)
  • Lysol or other disinfectant spray or wipes
  • Papertowels
What rules should you have for a sick room? Here are 4 rules that the CDC is suggesting to help in managing your sick room. You may want to put up a sign on the door way to remind the people in your house of the rules.
  1. Avoid having other people enter the sick room.
    The sick person should not have visitors other than the caregiver. If visitors must enter, they should stay at least 6 feet away from the sick person.
  2. Cover coughs and sneezes.
    Ask the sick person to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough and sneeze. Ask them to throw used tissues in the trash. Best to use facemasks if available.
  3. Choose one caregiver.
    If you can, choose only one caregiver to take care of sick family members. If possible, ask someone else to be the caregiver if you are pregnant or have certain chronic health problems. If you get the flu, it could be much more serious for you.
  4. Keep the air clean.
    Open a window in the sick room, if possible, or use a fan to keep fresh air flowing.

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