Friday, October 9, 2015

What’s So Great About Weight Loss Programs?

There are so many perks to joining a weight loss program (not just a gym) that we just had to write about it. Ever wondered what goes on at a weight loss center? Or if they really work?

Weight loss programs work because, for one thing, they keep you accountable. But what are the other benefits of joining a weight loss program? Let’s take a look.

What is a weight loss center?
You’ve heard of the weight loss fads—Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, and many more. In fact, our culture is saturated with weight loss options, and we see them everywhere from the grocery store to billboards to internet ads. They seem to work for a lot of people—and not to work for just as many. Enter the weight loss center.

According to this magazine article, places like Medi-Weightloss (a medical weight loss center) are nothing new. But they work like the fad diets don’t. Doctors and nutritional experts work with you to help you truly lose weight. In the article we’ve mentioned in this paragraph, the author was told to begin eating a primarily protein diet limited to about 700 calories per day. She balked at the idea, but it works for most patients. This is because the high protein content fills you up yet puts your body into a state of “ketosis,” or burning stored fat for fuel. And if that doesn’t work, these doctors will put patients on appetite-suppression meds under close supervision. So in weight loss centers, yes you have to pay (the author of the above article paid about $280 to get started), but you get a lot of perks in exchange, including actual weight loss—a patient in the above article lost 70 pounds in 6 months!

What You Get Out of It
As we already know, one of the most important benefits of paying for a program at a weight loss center is the accountability. Health magazine points out that while there are many things weight loss centers do, there are two benchmarks that all centers share: methods backed by solid scientific proof, and close monitoring of patients by MDs. So by accountability, we mean that a medical doctor will be personally responsible for your weight loss—and you’ll be talking to him or her a lot about your progress. Knowing that a medical professional will check on you is enough to keep you on track with your prescribed diet, we think!

But medical accountability isn’t the only positive side effect of a weight loss center. For example, weight loss centers such as True Weightloss Solutions out of Chattanooga, TN offers patients a relatable eating plan, vitamin supplements to boost weight loss, and a local social network with their other clients. You can’t beat weight loss centers for their ability to give you close attention to your diet and access to the accountability you need to stay on track.

Have you ever joined a weight loss program?
So what’s so great about a weight loss program? If the program is at a weight loss center and not just something you pick up at home (like a fad diet), then you know it’s because you will actually lose the weight you want. Looking to lose weight but have hit a bunch of dead ends? Use the questions in this post to help you find the weight loss center that’s right for you!

Have you ever been a client at a weight loss center? We want to know your story! Leave a comment now and our readers will be encouraged to leave their stories too and who knows, you may start a conversation.

This article was provided by guest blogger: Sally Baggett. Sally holds a master's degree in literature and has been a copy editor and blog writer since 2009. Not only does she also teach writing at the college level, she is a busy mom to two precious little girls.

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