Thursday, November 12, 2015

Upcharge for appointments after 5pm

Recently, I had the occasion to be in a pediatrician's office. The waiting room was kid friendly with a TV playing children's programs, small tables and chairs, and fun pictures on the wall. The one thing that caught my attention though was the sign at the check in desk notifying patients that if they book an appointment after 5pm that there will be an additional $25 charge that may not be covered by their insurance.

I was shocked to see this penalty. (They are only open until 6pm)

It just doesn't seem right. Consider this. It would take a mom/dad working in a minimum wage job over 3 hours to pay for that later appointment. It doesn't seem fair.

What are your thoughts?
Have you encountered an upcharge at a healthcare providers office?
Do you think it's fair?


  1. Yes I think it is amazing how much rates can go up we need to find a way to keep these costs down

  2. Yes the rates these days seem wildly crazy on how much costs are adding up and we must keep the costs down