Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution in 2016

  It’s inevitable: the first week of 2016, gyms across the nation will be full. You won’t be able to find a free treadmill or exercise bike no matter how long you wait.

A month later, those same workout rooms will feel like a ghost town.

Even though people tend to lose focus on their New Year’s resolutions as Valentine’s Day looms, you don’t have to be one of them. The answer? Weight loss centers!

Making the Right Resolution
People love to make fitness resolutions right at the New Year—holiday feasting is over and you feel the need to turn over a new leaf. But if you’re not careful, you can make a fair weather resolution that doesn’t stick. Especially if you don’t have a support system in place to keep you motivated.

So instead, make the right kind of New Year’s resolution by knowing a few strategies. Here’s a list of tactics to avoid early workout…burnout:
·        Only take on one new habit at a time. They say that it takes a month to learn a new habit. Since New Year’s resolutions are, in essence, new (good) habits you want to form, taking on too many at once will overwhelm you so that you give up on all of them. So back off on your list a little by only adding one habit at a time (like one per month).
·        Talk about it. Simply telling another person about your experience can fuel you to do it again, especially if they are holding you accountable. But we’ll talk about that in a minute.
·        Give yourself some slack. If you’re a high achiever, you likely experience inner criticism on a daily basis. But try to turn off the voice when it comes to working out (another resolution!). Beating yourself up will only whip you into a cycle that ultimately leads to quitting.
There are a lot more ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions, but employing these tips will at least get you on the right track.

Why a Weight Loss Center
Speaking of telling someone your weight loss struggles, having a weight loss center on your side when it comes to a fitness New Year’s resolution is key. Why? It’s all about a support system.

For example, the team at True Weightloss Solutions in Chattanooga, TN, is more than just a place to become educated about weight loss strategies. At this center and more like it, you can sign up for a team of professionals who become your support system. They guide you in a diet suited to your metabolism and target it to your problem areas, they provide fat-burning exercise routines, and hold you accountable for all of it.

They even use new technology that sends messages to different parts of the body through something called galvanic skin response. The physiochemical response that this technology—called resonant frequency—sends back tells doctors weaknesses in organs as well as hormone imbalances that are making it difficult for you to lose weight.

So if you’re making a weight loss resolution this year, one of the best ways to make it stick is to hire a team to help you make it happen. It’ll be really hard to fall off the wagon with doctors cheering you on.

Have you ever kept a new year’s resolution for the whole year?
Even though many of us struggle to keep our New Year’s resolutions, there are ways to make even weight loss goals stick. Look into a weight loss center in your area now so you’re ready when the new year hits.

Have you ever turned a New Year’s resolution into a permanent habit? If so, how’d you do it? Leave us a comment because we wanna know!

This article was provided by guest blogger: Sally Baggett. Sally holds a master's degree in literature and has been a copy editor and blog writer since 2009. Not only does she also teach writing at the college level, she is a busy mom to two precious little girls.

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