Monday, May 9, 2016

Why a Weight Loss Center?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably run across something called a “weight loss center” in the midst of your research to find quick ways of thinning down. While these centers aren’t designed to be quick fixes, they do help a lot of people reach their realistic weight loss goals.

What is the idea behind weight loss centers? The answer to this takes more than just one sentence or even one paragraph. Let’s take a look at what started these centers and what makes them a great solution for your weight loss challenge.

What is a weight loss center?
 Also popularly referred to as weight loss clinics, or physician assisted weight loss programs, these facilities behave similarly to a nutritionist’s office in their endeavor to help patients lose weight quickly and keep it off. Clinics like True Weightloss Solutions in Chattanooga, TN, make losing weight an attainable goal and reasonable lifestyle change.

How do they do this? An on-staff physician takes your case at the beginning, and his staff, sometimes even including a nutritionist, gives you a weight loss plan. This plan is supervised by the doctor. It usually includes a strict low-calorie diet, an exercise plan, and monitoring your body functions like heart rate and blood pressure.

This intense level of supervision has lead to significant weight loss overall, better than patients who try to lose weight on their own. This can probably be attributed to the constant accountability.

The Idea Behind It All
Where did weight loss centers begin? How do they differ from group dieting models like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers?

Weight loss centers are nothing new to modern society; in fact, one might say they are a dime a dozen. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. For example, Medi-Weightloss Clinics were started by one man nearly 15 years ago, and they have blown up across the country. He opened the chain because of a visit to his doctor just after his retirement in the investment industry—he wasn’t a doctor himself, but he knew how to hire doctors and develop a quality business model that helped many people lose the weight that keeps them from enjoying life.

Weight loss programs like Weight Watchers do provide accountability, but they are voluntary and largely unsupervised—they provide what you need to lose weight, but don’t offer the precise recommendations of a tailored medical team. Weight loss clinics provide accountability and motivation through a monetary fee and a team of medical professionals.

Why go to such a place?
Yes, when you join a weight loss clinic, you have to pay a fee. And yes, these programs aren’t as community-based as joining a dieting program. But the intense following by a doctor and his staff replaces the weight loss community, and many say the fee is well worth it.

Weight loss clinics are ideal for people who need to lose weight quickly and know they can’t do so on their own. They are for those who like to be instructed and held accountable, or who need to be followed closely. The fees are worth it for the results that members get.

Have you ever joined a weight loss center?
Joining a weight loss center is pretty much a guaranteed way to lose needed weight. You are part of an intense program that quickly gets your body where it needs to be.

Not everyone chooses to join a weight loss center when they know they need to lose weight, but it’s nice knowing that you have the option of intense accountability should you need it. Have you ever been assisted by a physician to lose weight? Ever joined a weight loss center? Leave us a comment about it!

This article was provided by guest blogger: Sally Baggett. Sally holds a master's degree in literature and has been a copy editor and blog writer since 2009. Not only does she also teach writing at the college level, she is a busy mom to two precious little girls.

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