Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Buy Supplies at Your Veterinarian

Have you ever been to the pet store and been overwhelmed by all the options? You probably saw fifty shades of blue for pet collars. Not to mention all the treats—there’s no way you could figure out which ones Spot would like most!

While any pet store will have options like these, your veterinarian will have them too. However, what does your vet have that the pet stores don’t? For one thing, expert advice. And that just can’t be replicated.

Getting Accessories from Your Veterinarian
Have you ever sat in the waiting room at your veterinarian’s office and notice a display of pet collars and leashes? Most vet offices provide a selection of these types of accessories so that patients don’t have to run to the pet store on top of stopping at the vet. The nice thing about these accessories as well is that they tend of be vet-approved. In other words, you know that your veterinarian believes in the durability of these products. You can trust what accessories are available to you at the veterinarian. As a consumer, you know that the authority of your veterinarian is worth its weight in gold.

So pay attention the next time you’re at the vet and pick up your collars, leashes, and chew toys for the next few months. The team at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center in Nashville, TN, will tell you that their selection is worth giving up the pet store.

Pet Food Supplies & Medicines at the Vet
Veterinary offices are also a great place to purchase food and medicines. For example, if your pet ever needs a specialized diet, you can order it directly from the veterinarian without having to worry about searching a big fox pet store for something similar. You can also rest assured that the treats they have available aren’t going to ruin your pet’s health.

You can also pick up the over-the-counter and prescriptions medications your pet needs, such as medicated shampoos and heartworm medicines, right there at your next office visit. Talk about convenient. To top it all off, every perishable item at your veterinarian has passed their approval, meaning you can trust what you put into your pet’s body.

Advice About Every Product
Not only does your vet approve all of the products the office sells, but you can get advice about each item right when you purchase it. Have you ever wondered if a dog food you were about to buy? You don’t have to call the veterinarian’s office while you’re in line to get advice—you can get it while you are line face-to-face. Your veterinarian can also tell you if a certain collar or toy will be suitable for your pet right then and there.

You can also get advice about how many treats to administer, or how far out you can comfortably let a leash. Finding the right products for your pet is a reliable experience at the veterinarian’s office.

Have you ever stocked up at the vet?
Getting the pet supplies, medications, food, and toys your pet needs at the veterinarian is the perfect solution for a convenient, trustworthy shopping experience. You aren’t left wondering if your dog food has all the nutrients you’re looking for, and you aren’t left waiting for a prescription to be filled by someone you’ve never seen before. Doing all your pet shopping at the veterinarian is worth it.

Have you ever shopped for your pet at the veterinarian’s office? Did you find it convenient and easy? Leave us a comment about your experience!

This article was provided by guest blogger: Sally Baggett. Sally holds a master's degree in literature and has been a copy editor and blog writer since 2009. Not only does she also teach writing at the college level, she is a busy mom to two precious little girls.

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